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16th October 2010

msilverstar3:33pm: Lotrips WIP rec #7: This Is the Way the World Ends
This Is the Way the World Ends by sema427 (formerly semaphore27). Primarily Dom/Billy, supporting cast includes Elijah/Orlando, Sean Astin/OFC and Viggo/OFC.

I'm not a horror fan, but the lush intensity of the characters and events in here makes it utterly wonderful. Sema summarized it like this:
In this story, the world of Lotrips mingles with that of Stephen King’s The Stand, with the timelines bumped slightly into the future. In a nutshell, the basic premise of the book is: after the population of the US has been devastated by a "super flu" the survivors divide into two groups, those who follow Mother Abigail, and represent good, and those who are drawn to Randall Flagg, a demon.
I am such a wuss that it kinda squicks me to even paste those words, and the sadness of the story makes me cry in places, but it's ultimately hopeful.

Warnings: explicit violence, nuclear explosion, partner and child death, self-sacrifice, excruciating pain...

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19th March 2010

msilverstar10:35pm: Lotrips WIP rec #6: Boston

Boston by eff_reality

AU with Billy as a graduate student of film and Dom as a prostitute. Unlike most relationships, this one starts with the sex and then they move towards each other emotionally, but sometimes veer off in the wrong direction. This series works really well: it's slow and complicated and the sex is delicious, and there's chicken soup. Orlando and Elijah appear as friends. I'm enjoying the later chapters as much as the first ones, getting into both their heads in alternating points of view.

My LOTR RPS recs on delicious

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18th March 2010

msilverstar11:27pm: Lotrips WIP rec #3 - The Heart of Ciara

Heart of Ciara by se_seerslair

Sean is an Earl in Regency Britain who meets his heart's desire, falls madly in lover, and insists on bestowing his family's heirloom gem. Elijah appears in Society as an empty-headed fop, but he is determined to help his sister marry an Englishman who will love and protect her. There's also a thief named "Le Petit Papillon", a cruel aristocrat, a doughty street urchin, a novelist mistress, at least one balloon, an incisive Countess, and true love, all written in delightful period style. The journey is the reward.

15th March 2010

msilverstar9:36pm: Lotrips WIP rec #2 - Beguilement
The Beguilement by itstonedme
Gorgeous sensuous AU series in which Orlando is a designer, Elijah a high-end prostitute, but none of that matters when they meet, and two years later, meet again. Beautifully written explicit sex with a strong emotional connection between them. Cameos by Ian McKellan and Dom, most sections about 3,000 words. First sections are standalones, later ones are more of a series. All of it compelling and hot as hell.
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msilverstar6:34pm: Lotrips WIP recommendation #1 - Incline of Trees
A WIP is a Work In Progress: an incomplete series. I enjoy reading them in installments, though I know many other people don't. My favorites are finished enough to be satisfying as they stand.

Incline of Trees by kiltsandlollies and almaviva
AU Billy is a professor at a British university and Dom is a student. They meet and find themselves falling in love. Yearning, angst and deep love, along with smoking hot sex and D/s and more angst, it's fabulous writing. Start with Acting on a Crush, as it was the beginning of it all: you can go back later.

note: I was going to post them all at once, but I have too many and want to give each their chance to shine. So: a WIP of WIPs (kinky!)

Also: a link to all my fic recs on delicious
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18th April 2008

msilverstar10:58pm: LOTRIPS recs part 2 (of 2)
About a hundred more from my del.icio.us/msilverstar recs list.

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msilverstar9:40pm: LOTRIPS recs part 1
I have no idea why I didn't post them before. Anyway here they are, and you can always find more at del.icio.us/msilverstar

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29th July 2007

msilverstar1:25am: Big LOTRIPS recs list!
I've been putting my recs in my del.icio.us/msilverstar account, and wrote a script to extract them. Here are a bunch that I have liked, from February to now. Some of them were posted several years ago, some this month.

FYI, I put the point-of-view character first in the pairing, just my quirk. I'm also relatively liberal in ratings, if the author hasn't rated a fic; I don't think that sex is something to hide from teenagers -- this is the good porn, after all.

It's not all the good fic out there by any means -- some fic I just lose track of, some is in tabs and I keep meaning to get back to it, some fic is so good I have a hard time describing it delicious's limited space. Which is to say: more recs to come.

To get them as I post them, use del.icio.us (where you can click on pairing tags, date, rating, etc.) or subscribe to msil_fanfic_rec. I've also been reccing the odd fic in Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heros, HP and even a bandslash fic.

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28th August 2006

msilverstar7:56pm: LOTRIPS recs, PG-13ish
Recs from March to now, some fabulous stories, give them all a chance!

A note about ratings: I use the author's rating unless it seems excessive, but I don't think mentioning gay sex automatically equals depravity, it's just sex.

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Don't forget, if you like a story, drop a comment for the author. They always wonder if anyone's reading.
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14th August 2006

msilverstar5:49pm: LOTRIPS Recs (G to PG Ratings)
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Please remember to comment on the stories that move you. Late feedback is unexpected and all the sweeter.
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15th January 2006

msilverstar10:55pm: Lotrips Recs, finally
It turns out that a person can have a writer's block for recs too. I'm finally back. These are all good, but not the only good stories. I'll be reccing more, but I can't be comprehensive. Everyone should rec!

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You might consider this a mathom. Don't forget to leave feedback for the authors!
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16th September 2005

herm423:15pm: recs
This person has very good taste in fic. I started out collecting sample links of good fics I read here but then realized that all of them were good.


7th September 2005

herm421:42am: I've attempted to comprise an increasingly incomplete list of my favorite fics in all my fandoms for which I could find functional fucking links. heh. I appreciate fics in just about any fandom/category as long as they're well written, so most of my recs I selected based on that. These are in no paricular order. Most of these are lotr, but I hope no one minds a couple of outsiders haging around with our boys. They're hot too.

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13th June 2005

msilverstar12:09am: Dom/Billy (x2), Dom/Orlando, Dom/Billy/Ali, Orlando/various
Recs: For some reason, all these include one of my favorite things: some kind of twisting or upsetting of stereotypes, without screwing up the story. Yay for adventurous writers!

Queen's Gambit Part 1 and Part 2 (complete). (By tarteaucitron and algernonthemous; set during filming and after; Dom/Billy, NC-17). The summary is great: old-school fic - kilts, cigarettes, nightclubs, lollies, a decent pinch of good old fashioned NC-17. Oh, and some largely extended metaphors.. Also has lovely twists and unexpected overturning of stereotypes, sharp dialog, delayed gratification, Billy-in-a-kilt, and good hot smut.

Getting Into Trouble (By glass_moment; set mainly during filming; Dom/Billy, PG). Impulsive Billy and thoughtful Dom, nice change from the standard view, great images.

If the Pretty Fits, part 1, 2, 3, 4 (complete). (by llaras, set during filming, Dom/Orlando, NC-17). Sweet, hot, lovely boysex, with a taste of pink panties. Nice dialog, characters, generally a nice story.

Corrupt-verse (WIP), Corrupt part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Broken; Oceans Apart (by trollsttroll; set 2004ish; Dom/Billy/Ali; NC-17). I like this threesome, but I've never read it like this before: a very dominant Ali and submissive Billy adjust their relationship to incorporate a subby Dom. It's not the most polished prose and some of it doesn't fit my kinks, but many of the elements are quite effective and it has a powerful dynamic.

Material World (WIP) chapter listing (By telesilla and darkrosetiger; AU set in LA, Orlando/various, NC-17, BDSM). Playing with the "Orlando as a whore" cliché, twists and turns that I never saw coming. So far, Jason Isaacs, Clive Owen, Ioan Gryffud, Liam Neeson and Viggo. Characterization is as good as the smut!

My complete rec list

8th January 2005

msilverstar5:16pm: slashababy!!!
My personal favorites from slashababy, posted at the slashababy web site. These and other great fic made all the work worthwhile. Thanks to all the participants, especially the ones who were on time and the backups!

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1st January 2005

esorlehcar4:26pm: I posted two fairly massive rec lists to my LJ, compiling the various stories I've recced over the last two years: Dom/Billy Recs and Other Lotrips Pairings, which includes Dom/Elijah, Elijah/Billy, Dom/Orlando, Sean/Elijah, Dom/Billy/Elijah, and various other pairings featuring Dom, Billy, or Elijah as a primary character.

9th October 2004

rach_inabox2:08pm: obviously you all like lotrips fic recs, if you like domlijah then check out domlijah_recs it's a really new community screaming for more members. ;)

20th September 2004

_elijah_love9:02am: I Know This Isn't LOTRS, but....
Does any one know where I might find some Toby McGuire/Elijah Love? I've heard there are some stories about the two of them and I would love to read them. Icons of the two together or manips would be good too! *G*


9th September 2004

_elijah_love11:11am: Slash Requests Are Right Here At...
...over at my journal kc_risenphoenix.

And today I am hurting so bad...

...I could use a some good Elijah slash. Him and Sean would be best, but I don't care. Something naughty and romantic would be best. No fading away to waterfalls... And NO angst or death or or breakups or depression...

Anyone help me?

God, this just hurts so DAMN bad!!!

30th July 2004

knoifey_spoony3:05am: Okay, I have to do it. I'm sorry. *hangs head in shame*

If you've heard of WhatPulse.Org already, then you should definitely join the LotRiPS team. *nods enthusiastically*

If you haven't heard of it, then you should definitely go to the post I made about it for a little more info and some handy links.

Please? :D

-Apprentice. <3

Cross-posted, like, everywhere... *shifty-eyes*

P.S. Psst! Pimp the link. You know you want to. ;D
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2nd June 2004

crooked_halo81:50am: The Monaboyd story that broke me
In every good way.

Dom adopts a baby, and Billy is there for him.

[Incandescence] by 1420 (The last part is here.)

They shopped for a while, filling a small basket with noodles and spices, cans of coconut milk, bunches of chard. Billy looked over his shoulder to where Dominic was earnestly explaining the difference between red and rainbow chard to the baby, and felt the floor open beneath him when Dom met his eye, a soft reminiscent smile on his lips. Down the rabbit hole, he thought to himself as he brought the basket to the counter, still plenty of time to stop this slide.

Such a beautiful story, and no doubt my current favorite Billy/Dom one.
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msilverstar12:24am: two dom-billys and a viggo-sean
I'm trying to keep up, and to rec things that might get lost in the shuffle. Hope you like 'em.

Bug Lotion by a new writer, hikethekilt. Dom-Billy, Hard R.
First-time sex that has the tang of reality: awkward and hot simultaneously. Great dialog, and Dom's internal voice is very touching.

Exquisite by subtle_dusk, Billy-Dom, PG-13.
I very much like this, the mundane mixed with the sensual. And again, the first-time feeling, reminds me what it's like (I've been married a long time).

The Two Mortal Men (WIP) part 1, part 2, part 3, by darkenheart. Viggo-Sean, so far, G with innuendo.
I like this so very very much, it's fresh, it has a different tone from most, the pace is slow but not boring. And Viggo's interior voice is lovely: interesting, deep, slowly revealing himself.
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19th April 2004

acari6:52pm: acari.recs update
Updated my rec site. 20 new Lotrips stories.

12th March 2004

silvestra7:11am: My two cents
I have quite a few fics I want to rec to you people.

Title of the fic: The Misadventures of Sir Ian the Gay
Author name/alias: lymphomaniacs (undrockroll and cynical_terror
Author email or blog location: lymphomaniacs
Pairing (or characters; depending on whether it is gen, het or slash): many. Viggo/Orlando, Dom/Lij... more are revealed in every chapter *g*
Rating: usually R, some chapters even NC-17.
Summary: Honestly, if you haven't read this, DO IT NOW. I read all 21 chapters (so far) overnight and I have NEVER laughed so much in my entire life.

Title: Not the Usual
Author: Miriel Elfling (winged_dreams)
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A wonderful Exhibitionist!Dom-fic. Dom and Billy in a restaurant - need I say more?

Title: Truth or Dare
Author: jilly_anne
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: R-ish
Summary: The boys play Truth or Dare, obviously.

Title: Kissing Lessons
Author: suede_scripture
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: R
Summary: Elijah is a horrible kisser, so Dom decides to help him.

I also very much recommend anything by buffett. She's an amazing writer, especially Fucked and Te Anau are amazing. She uses actor pics in her fics and that makes them even better. Check it out.


10th March 2004

esorlehcar12:22am: Repeating a few Billy/Dom recs from my LJ:

Third Astronaut and Fourth Cop, by childeproof (Billy/Dom, slight Elijah/Sean) - This is beautifully written, with a subtle, intricate plot, stellar characterization and wonderful, believable dialogue that manages to convey a world of meaning behind every word.n One of the more interesting stories this fandom has produced in a good long time.

Everything's Not Lost. Just Most Things and To the End of His Days, by annakovsky - two gorgeous, deeply powerful stories that can be taken either as Billy/Dom friendship fic or preslash. The first story in particular is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Here and Now, by thisdistance - Another Billy Dom friendship story that can easily double as preslash. Sweet and not a little sharp, focusing on endings and beginnings and love so strong it almost hurts to look at.
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