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Lotrips Recs

for the recommending of lotr real person fic

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Welcome to lotrips_recs! Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines before joining or posting:

This is a community exclusively for the recommending of lord of the rings real person slash (and fanfiction). The types of posts welcome are:

  • links to other people's stories
  • links to other authors
  • links to recs pages

Please do not post your (or anyone else's) stories directly to this community. As mentioned above, it is exclusively for recommendations - links to stories you've read on someone's livejournal, website; community or yahoogroup. If you're looking for somewhere to post or promote your own fiction, try fellow_shippers or the_shire. If you wish to criticise a fic, try badficsupport.

Discussion is welcome in comment threads. Please do not start up discussion or OT posts - any posts that do not fit into one or more of the three categories mentioned above will be deleted without notice.

The purpose of this community is to make it easier for readers to locate quality fanfiction within the lotrips fandom. It is not a popularity contest. If you find a story you've read is exceedingly good, post a link to it here and share the love.

Posts should generally stick to the following format:

Title of the fic:
Author name/alias:
Author email or blog location:
Pairing (or characters; depending on whether it is gen, het or slash):

also include a summary if you think it's necessary, and a basic (or more in depth!) review if you'd like. (Note: please make use of a LJ cut if your post is longer than about 500 words.)

If you're posting to recommend an author and not a specific story, your post should include the following information:

Author name/alias:
Website address (or where the author's stories can be found):
Author email/blog location:
What character-centric the author's stories are, and perhaps the general tone or focus of the stories:

and once again, a review if you'd like.

If you have a recs page on your website, feel free to announce it here or notify people of updates to it, however, please do not use this community to announce your website in general. Just the recs, please. Once again, the communities mentioned above will cater to your needs in that department.

As the recs are posted, the moderator will sort them into memories as to make future perusal and searching easier.

Queries, suggestions and complaints welcome; email the moderator if you feel the need.


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